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Flexibility: Transforming the company’s human dynamics

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A true revealer of human capital, Excilience Consulting, founded in 2014, positions itself as a trusted partner to support high growth or transformation companies.

A comprehensive approach to tangible results

With her team of international experts, Diane Ridon, Founder and CEO, strives to put people at the heart of large corporations, in order to accelerate their ability to adapt in sometimes complex transformational processes such as mergers and acquisitions. “At Excilience, we make an ambitious promise to our clients, She is excited. It is about helping them achieve their goals through the human factor.”

The Excilience approach focuses on four key areas, from the individual to the culture, including teams and the organization. “We work with managers on their management style, with teams that need to redefine themselves and align behind a common vision, or with organizations that need to find synergies among themselves; To do this, you must have a clear vision of the issues and redefine expected behaviors. This is where our expertise comes in. At Excilience, we act as a catalyst to drive change quickly and optimally. “

Diverse toolbox

After the analysis phase, the consulting firm offers individual training sessions as needed with its group of international trainers, to which group workshops using collective intelligence and concrete recommendations about the organization are added in addition to multilingual leadership development programs to work on management cultures. Impact is measured through the use of hard data tools:Many of our customers are manufacturers who value data, and we have developed a hub dedicated to collecting and using data on company behaviors and beliefs and thus measure change management.adds the CEO.

Solvay, Michelin, BioMérieux, Apax and Accenture are among the company’s major groups and client investment funds. “We have a special niche: Between large volume-oriented consulting firms and independent coaches who may only have a fragmented view of issues, we offer a parallel approach that convincesDiane Redon concludes.

In the face of growing adaptation needs, a large number of companies are mobilizing experts such as Excilience to positively address the shifts required by the current context, and their strong need to anticipate a certain amount of flexibility underscores more than ever the need to pay attention to human dynamics as the source of performance.

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