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Best Mansions 2022 ends the year on a high note!

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It is the envy of us from continent to continent, and is regularly praised in international charts: the Parisian hotel industry undoubtedly ranks first, dazzling the world with its collection of ultra-elegant palaces, ambassadors of art de vivre. . At a time when the City of Light is adorned with a thousand lights, why look elsewhere for the extraordinary? Forbes presents you with its lavish picks for unforgettable holidays.

La Reserve Paris Hotel

A personal photo of the hotel portfolio Michael Ripper to whom we owe the Chateau Bellevue in Berne, La Maison d’Estrolle in the Gironde, La Réserve Genève … The Parisian address symbolizes the French essence in terms of hospitality. Perfect location, refined ambiance and hand-sewn services: the inseparable triptych of a dream holiday resort awaits you at 42 avenue Gabriel, away from the hustle and bustle of the Champs-Elysées. The former private palace of the half-brother of Napoleon III built in 1854 has retained its residential character as if it better meets our requirements today, ie the feeling of being at home even in a hotel! All the weight of history embraces you once you step past the bright red port-cochere. Here and there, rich drapery fabrics, Second Empire furniture, velvet armchairs with fringe and tassels …Jack Garcia It warms so well that one gets the impression of joining a loved one in their luxurious home.

The Reserve Paris @ Grégoire Gardette Hotel

Conveniently installed in its exquisitely appointed apartments, you can make use of the most spacious minibar in Paris. And it’s free! Above all, make sure you keep up your appetite for your star-studded experience Gabriel Headed by one of the most talented chefs of his generation: Jerome Panktel. In a casual decor, the original Breton teases the taste buds of all countries. Four distinct menus delight gourmets on a regular basis: “menu Escales”, “Virée”, “Végétale Virée”, “Périple”, the magic works with each variation renewed, moreover, in all seasons. During your stay, you can feel comfortable in the library browsing beautiful books. Cuddle up in the comfy couches, drink in hand, and cool off by the crackling of the fire. Winter in La Réserve Paris will be gentle and magical …

Star Chef Jerome Panktel @ Safran Paris Photographer, Jean-Rinald Ambrosio

Lutetia Palace

Outside of the Golden Triangle, you can also experience a divine moment on the Parisian Left Bank by entrusting your wish list to the Palais Lutetia. The century-old establishment has been masterfully restored Jean-Michel Wilmott, understand: Sleeping Beauty is no more! Design and heritage lovers absolutely thrive within the walls of this unparalleled Art Deco gem blurring paths from one space to the next. At Bar Aristide, time stands around delicious cocktails to savor in a relaxed atmosphere. Soft light passes through each chiaroscuro decorative element, making it billow as a gift to the eye. A treat for the eyes, a treat for the senses at the sight of a 10m long bar of bronze and white marble, with its masterfully restored original rustic frescoes. From evening to evening, the music playlist moves from jazz to house. Music lovers spread the word.

© Palace Lutetia Hotel

For your romantic reunion with a single person or friendly reunion, we settle in Saint-Germain under the glass ceiling painted transparently by the artist Fabrice Hyber. A masterpiece that tells the wonderful fate of Lutetia, a title that made art its red thread. This place is the beating heart of the establishment, you can easily spend hours there and back without ever getting tired of it. For now, he imagines tea time before Pastry Chef Nicola Guercio It has a more appealing flavour. Sit back and leave the first winter frost behind. The sweet and savory delicacy cart satisfies all cravings and whims! If you have a good idea to pass through this Christmas season, Chef has a retro chocolate stop in store for you with bold truffles and a praline note. The world can stop, here, all is calm, luxury and voluptuousness!

© Palace Lutetia Hotel

Plaza Athenee

We grant you: staying at the Plaza has something spooky…in this den of glamor, it’s in the footsteps of the greats Christian Dior that we dare to venture into. Monsieur Dior left his indelible mark, here and nowhere else. But let the uninitiated rest assured, the prestigious address on Avenue Montaigne is committed to welcoming all lovers of the City of Light, all those aesthetes with a taste for beauty, detail and fine encounters. The magic begins outside when you see its distinctive facade lavishly flowered with red-covered geraniums. Creator. Scenography is an art mastered by the palace to perfection, attracting directors, fashion photographers, and in their wake glamorous actors, models and fashionistas … .

© Palace Plaza Athens

There is so much to experience at the Plaza! Bocuse’s homeland inspired Master phenomenon Jean Imbert at the piano at the Relais Plaza. success in nothing less than legendary, Alain DucasseThe young woman who heads Top Chef hasn’t missed her media appointment: her kitchen in homage to the hexagonal floor class revisits great culinary classics between nobility and ingenuity. Today, this century-old hotel is one of the “canteens” of Tout-Paris. For now and until February 19th, holiday magic and winter spirit are in the yard to the delight of young and old. In the garden courtyard, a Full size hut Nature transports us to the borders of Savoy, where fondue is as queen as humour. All you have to do is eat the delicious tables and get to the ice rink that has been prepared for the occasion. We extend the festivities in the decor – this time perfectly in keeping with the theme – The Dior Spa. Pure luxury.

Palace Plaza Athenaeum © Tom Fallon

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

2002 – 2022 He played leading roles in the Parisian hotel scene for twenty years. By hitting him hard, first, when he immediately won the advantage of the palace, when others had to revise their copies … By also becoming the “private residence” of the elite visiting the capital, then there is a prescription now, we can thus recall in passing, was in the day From the days of cocooning the most glam rock duo of the 2000s: Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. Filled with understated luxury, this secret address is one of our favorite places to stay for our happy hours, our big date dinners, and our let-go moments. In December we treat ourselves to the choice of accommodation because we want it all! From gourmet food to Chef Jean-Francois RoquetteJust to touch heaven.

Star Chef Jean-François Roquette © Hotel Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme

One Michelin star and four Gault and Millau Touquis Which, each evening, is defended with passion and conviction in Pure Restaurant By taking you over to watch on the plate and by a high-flying show cooking show. Cake Cream Jean-François Roquette had a good idea to poach the cake Pastry chef Nara Kim, a sensation from South Korea. In her quick resume, the young prodigy has twice won the Gold Medal at the World Global Pastry Chef competition. It’s not yet time to go back to earth… Put on a fluffy bathrobe to unwind at La Mer Spa, the only one in Paris. Carved in black Zimbabwean granite and adorned with soft reflections in golden mosaic, this box is here to make all our beauty dreams come true. And to be 31, head to a very private suite of John Nolletthairstylist to the stars and you, for the occasion.

© Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

The Peninsula Paris

An architectural masterpiece, the tiny Palace of Versailles, and was deemed the “Best Hotel in Paris” just last year. Peninsula unanimously. The address on rue Kléber on the 16th makes us see life in pink with its many experiences and atmosphere marked by this little je ne sais quoi. We come here at regular intervals to enjoy their delicious French Toast for breakfast, a homemade creation like no other; Where we meet at night restaurant Under the pretense of a business dinner or a happy reunion to savor exquisite French and Cantonese cuisine … the irresistible allure of this exquisitely combined residence Asian Influences and the French Art of Living. One is never superior to the other, the dialogue is harmonious.

Side by side, Chefs Luck Tran Taklau Yuen and David Bizet © LouiseMarinig

Travel is also in the program at the White birdDining Table Chef David Bizet Which inspires us to want a two-star dinner. His menu feels like an invitation to celebrate New Year’s Eve by his side with blue lobster, citrus langoustines, black truffle bisque and his exceptional cellar. We go so far as to stay in one of the lavish suites, even making our wish to leave when we see fit when we wake up. Exit? None of that between us! “It’s peninsula time”… The guest chooses their own time to go and there is no pressure even if it is 10pm…. This manual treat is unique in the wonderful kingdom of palaces. Just leave us free to end your stay in style by settling into the Belle Epoque Lounge in the lobby for an amazing tea time.

The White Bird © Arbes

La Reserve Paris Hotel

42 Gabriel Street

75008 Paris


Palace Paris Lutetia Hotel

45 Raspail Boulevard

75006 Paris


Plaza Athenee Hotel
25 Avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris


Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

5 rue de la Paix

75002 Paris


Peninsula Paris Hotel

19 Clipper Street

75016 Paris


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