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The trendiest restaurants to eat in 2023!

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Forget starred restaurants and other titles found in most rankings, Forbes brings you a list of the hottest restaurants to eat in 2023.

To say that 2022 has been a difficult year for the restaurant world is an understatement. However, the sector is still in good shape, more flexible and innovative than ever. Restaurant awards are still thriving, too Best Chef Awards, Michelin stars, and a ranking of the world’s 50 best restaurants.

A handful of handpicked experts offered their thoughts on next trends, places that pleasantly surprised them, and places they can’t wait to go back to. Some of these restaurants probably get honors, while others don’t, which doesn’t make them any less interesting.

Christian Brask-Thomsen Culinary Ambassador, Award-Winning Filmmaker (with Documentary Michelin stars) and a host of unusual dinners. Marco Inverness He is the first non-Japanese bonsai teacher, a diver with killer whales and a passionate researcher of the world’s most innovative restaurants. for Aiste MiseviciuteLithuanian model-turned-global food ambassador, has made a name for herself on the blog Who said models don’t eat? He now runs the very serious Luxeat blog.

These three experts put together a list of 10 restaurants they wanted to pay tribute to. Nobody is particularly famous, at least not yet.

Driven by avant-garde philosophy Mountain cook From the world famous chef Norbert NidelköfflerThis innovative restaurant, explains Marco Invernese, is located atop one of the majestic peaks of Italy’s Dolomites. “Guests can enjoy a mountain-inspired menu, based on strict seasonality and a more ecological approach to local ingredients, in a unique living-room-like dining space offering stunning 270-degree views of the mountains. The surrounding valleys and snow-capped mountains. Guests smell, breathe, taste and ultimately lose themselves.” In this unique natural setting in the highest gourmet restaurant in Europe. »

Aite Miseviciute notes that before opening Bagá, a seven-seat restaurant in his hometown, and receiving its first star, the chef-owner Pedro Sanchez He received a classical French education at the Château de Bagnols in France, as well as alongside Spanish legends such as Martin Berasategui. “His cuisine is technically perfect, comforting and delicious, but at the same time bold and pushing the boundaries of creativity,” she explains. “You can really see Pedro’s talent. Who would think of serving 180-day aged beef with vanilla sauce or honeycomb with roasted garlic praline?” In his brilliant hands, all these combinations work perfectly. »

  • Hauma, Bangkok, Thailand

“Haoma is a completely different, very original and fun fine dining experience,” says Kristian Brask Thomsen. “At the same time, it has to be one of the most sustainable restaurants in the world. It started as a ‘new Indian’ restaurant with a gorgeous urban garden in the chef’s house (he has since moved next door), and they also raise their own fish.” They even serve. The Thai monsoon is either ‘still or sparkling’, not to mention they have an amazing and delicious wine list. He sums up the restaurant’s history this way: “A very passionate culinary project that, along with it, has served half a million meals so far to the homeless in Bangkok. The kindness is there.”

[Note de la rédaction : Haoma a reçu sa première étoile Michelin la semaine dernière.]

  • Ikoy, London, UK

“One of the most famous European chefs of his generation,” in the words of Aesti Mesificiot. Jeremy Chan He founded Ikoyi with his friend Ireh Hassan Odokale In 2017, it was inspired by Nigerian cuisine, something unheard of at the time. “Two Michelin stars and five years later, Ikoye has greatly outdone itself. The cuisine still revolves around the innovative use of West African spices, but focuses more on interpreting British seasonality and meticulously sourced produce.”

[Note de la rédaction : Ikoyi est en cours de déménagement et ouvrira dans un nouvel espace avec un nouveau menu le 12 décembre.]

  • Gene George, Philadelphia, USA

After going up to 60e A floor from the city’s tallest building, descend a waterfall-covered staircase to be greeted by a champagne cart at “one of the most amazing restaurants in the United States,” according to Marco Invernese. “While admiring the majestic sunset, guests experience world-class flavors rooted in the French technique that has made all Jean-Georges restaurants so dear to so many around the world.” Corinne Suhr He brings together a diverse team of professionals, including many women, and collaborates with ceramic artists to create unique vessels. It is they who provide the “elegant but decisive dishes for two six-course menus.”

  • Lafleur, Frankfurt, Germany

“Amidst the skyscrapers and the business district, we find Lafleur, two Michelin stars, in a giant palm grove,” says Kristian Brask-Thomsen. This is the placeAndreas Krulik has been cooking upscale vegetarian fare since 2014,” long before it became the trend of the moment. He does it with an intensity, depth, and complexity that makes you forget there were no meat or seafood involved. In fact, Lafleur offers two menus, a more classic one built around seafood. caviar, meat, foie gras, etc., as well as a vegan tasting menu.Christian Brask-Thomsen takes care of the wine list, which includes “deep wines from top classic producers that you wouldn’t associate with vegan cuisine.” »

[Note de la rédaction : Kristian Brask Thomsen fournit une assistance en communication à un petit groupe de restaurants auxquels il croit fermement, dont Lafleur.]

  • Villa Madi, Cassis, France

“Would you like to have lunch with a stunning view of the sea in the picturesque Mediterranean port of Cassis? Aiste Miseviciute asks. La Villa Madi, a new three-star hotel in France, run by the chef Dimitri DroysnoOriginally from Normandy, he worked in top Parisian restaurants before moving to the south of France 15 years ago and running La Villa Madie with his wife, Marielle. “His love of the South is reflected in his sun-drenched cuisine, with brilliantly balanced colors and flavors. Without a doubt, one of the best finds of the year.”

  • Melissa, Santa Monica, USA

“Los Angeles Chef’s Foundation.” Josiah Citrin I gave up 70 seats to turn into a great little dining room,” says Christian Brask-Thomsen. The restaurant has a separate entrance and an open kitchen where the Scottish chef Ian Scaramosa Creative California cuisine tasting menus are prepared for just 14 guests across five tables,” in a very personal way in a relaxed, unintimidating setting. No wonder you’re listening to vinyl records from the Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Oasis and Queen. Concept validated.”

[Note de la rédaction : Kristian Brask Thomsen travaille également avec Mélisse.]

  • Silver Lakes Ranch, Alazani Valley, Georgia

The Silver Lakes Farm restaurant is located in Kakheti, in the historical amber wine region of Georgia, with a stunning view of the Caucasus Mountains, ”explains Christian Brask Thomsen. This is a new project of the “queen of Georgian gastronomy”, Tekuna GachechiladzeIt consists of “a farm restaurant that is off-road and almost lawless. To get there, you have to drive two hours on the mountain passes of Tbilisi, sometimes with wild dogs chasing the car, until you” enter this immaculate property that offers the best of the best. It is a very charming summer villa. Part of the restaurant is part of it, Christian Brask-Thomsen continues Mirage A cozy Georgian restaurant that serves great meals from the best possible produce served at long tables outside from an open kitchen inside. Tekuna Gachechiladze knows how to cook as well as entertain, knows how to prepare a festive dinner. »

  • Tsurotokami, Ginza, Japan

“In a man’s world, a narrow staircase leads customers underground to a very unique restaurant where all the chefs are women,” says Marco Invernizzi. It’s the only one in Japan. Fourteen seats at a traditional wooden table provide an unobstructed view of the team of chefs committed to serving “the best seasonal experience in Kaiseki Using their grace and synergy as well as their knives and utensils. Marco Invernizzi continues: “No challenge is too great for this inspiring team, who not only share the kitchen, but spend hours together studying languages, calligraphy, ceramics and many other art forms to always improve their skills as human beings and as chefs.”

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Ann Abel

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