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Pro B – NM1: Quimper shines, URB crushes Challans, Vitré and Lorient continue

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This Tuesday, the Breton Pro B and NM1 teams were in action in the Championship. And the evening went perfectly with Quimper, URB, Vitré and Lorient all winning.

Quimper reassures the Pro B

The Rams, who lost two-game losing streak last night, welcomed Bolzac, the team is in very good shape this November. From the outset, the Venestrians made their collective strength speak while the Perigordians had difficulties when defining landmarks (21-16, 10). Although the visitors came back in the second quarter, Laurent Fuerst’s players showed a very nice face.

Upon his return from the locker room, Quimper made the difference behind the three-point line. Then Ivan Vranis’ teammates extended the lead and cruised to victory (72-63, 30). Seriously at the end of the game, the British finally had a great success with a score of 92-81. Thus UJAP Quimper takes a breath of fresh air in the championship and regains the 8th place in Pro B.

URB still leads NM1

At the lower level, URB showed off their offensive power by outrageously dominating Challans (101-67). And soon, Rennes managed to fold the match with great momentum from Sebastien Cape again (21 points, 9 assists and 3 interceptions). In the first half, the game was already in Breitlin’s pocket (62-30). Then her pace slowed, which is an understandable situation given the river’s result.

However, the gap between the two formations remained stable at the end of the match. Thus, URB achieved a second success in a row and retained its position as the leader in the NM1. Pascal Thibaud’s men will travel to Les Sables-d’Olonne (11) on Friday with the ambition to continue their march forward.

L’Aurora Vitry on the right track

For its part, the green team continues its climb in the standings. Vitréens reached the end of Chartres after a fairly balanced match. However, Euréliens dominated the start of the match against Bretilliens due to inaccurate shooting. However, Vincent Vandelet’s partners managed to regain success in the second quarter, so that Aurore Vitré took the lead in the first half (39-37).

The battle then escalated despite the Breton players dominating their opponents on the rebound. While the score was still very tight, the green team folded the game in the final minutes (85-75). She is currently in fifth place in the championship, just one point off the podium.

Lorient winning streak

In the last game of the evening for our British team, Morbihani also won their match against Tours (92-79). A victory made thanks to a top three first quarter, both offensively and defensively. The people of Lorient in particular benefited from the Indroligeriens’ many football losses. At the beginning of the final ten minutes, CEP Lorient largely led the dance (73-45).

After the end of the match in favor of Turango, who regained momentum, Laurentis logically achieved his fifth consecutive victory (92-79). With this very impressive series, Ahmed Doumbia’s teammates who finished 10th in the NM1 Championship at the beginning of the month are now 7th.

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