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Industrial Data Challenge!

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With the Data Act and the Data Governance Act, the European Commission wants to speed up the use of industrial data by private and public companies. By encouraging private and public companies to share and exploit industrial data, the againstEuropean Commission for youYes, over 270 billion euros additional GDP by 2028.

Recognizing the data challenge, the European Union (EU) continues to implement its data law with two new regulations: the Data Act and the Data Governance Act. Their purpose? Streamlining the circulation and exploitation of data by companies in order to position the EU at the forefront of a data-driven society. And if the Data Governance Act requires private and public actors to promote the sharing, storage and processing of industrial data in accordance with European rules, the Data Act aims to promote data from connected objects and the various services associated with them: virtual assistants, connected meters, cars, wearable devices, etc. In his speech on February 23, 2022, Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market, expressed his satisfaction at seeing the implementation of these new rules: “ Thanks to the Data Regulation, industrial data will be shared, stored and processed in full compliance with European rules. These regulations are the cornerstone of a strong, innovative and sovereign European digital economy.. “

Many large accounts are already sharing their industry data

Although these regulations were received positively by companies, they did not wait for the European Commission to share their industrial data with their partners. Thus, they have invested for some time in platforms to collect, use and promote industrial data from third parties.

This is how Schneider Electric has embarked on a Data Market as a Service (DaaS) approach to enable energy players to respond to the complexity of competitiveness challenges and the urgent energy transition. A place to exchange data between Schneider Electric and its partners (200 companies, 540 users), this Marketplace Exchange not only enables the company to enhance its industrial data and monetize the information obtained, but also enables partners to reach customers previously to access markets.

For its part, Birdz Veolia, whose activity consists of designing IoT products intended for cities, regions and industries, offers its customers dashboards and interactive data visualizations to turn IoT data into tangible insights. Thus, by subscribing to Birdz by Veolia services, customers have access to a management tool that allows them to use data and extract value from it.

Examples illustrating the awareness of large groups of the value of industrial data, which attest to the existence of effective French and European technical solutions that guarantee European sovereignty as desired by the European Union. Therefore, CAC 40 companies did not wait for European directives to address this issue. However, to date, only 20% of industrial data is used by private and public European companies. The Data Act and the Data Governance Act must therefore play an accelerating role in making this data available and used and generating €270 billion in additional GDP by 2028.

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