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How did Lords & Fools restore the coat of arms of the costume to make it a cult piece?

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In this world of sneakers and fashion Sportswear All around, Lords & Fools plays the sewing card. Fleur-de-lis, gold or silver chain, precious velvet and a color palette ranging from bright yellow to sober gray, the brand founded by Joahem Baruch is unparalleled. Moreover, it is enough to observe the clientele of this Parisian house to realize that: from Wall Street banker to interior designer, through to TV host and working girl, Lords & Fools attracts an eclectic group of demanding personalities. Meet with daring.

Even the tailor’s grandson provides the luxury of clothing sizes of the caliber of Ricky Martin, Will Anna, Jon Bon Jovi, Pascal Obispo, or Kelly Rowland! In the nearly ten years of its existence, Yohem Baruch has established itself in the realm of luxury. His crazy bet? Reinventing tailoring to bring her nobility back at a time when it made it a boring part of her wardrobe. Black, gray or perhaps dark blue, the markings were limited to this eternal trio of colours. Fascinated by the Napoleonic fashions of the First and Second Empire, this lover of French art de vivre wanted to copy his passion by designing collections with a touch of extravagance to better blur the codes. You had to dare.

With this signature, the designer assumes the duality of his personality: As a child, I grew up in clothing workshops. My childhood was shaken by the knowledge that was passed down from generation to generation. I’ve always wanted to work in uniform According to the French school With the idea of ​​exploring more technical areas. It’s a nod to my mother and her artistic spirit. Taking my societies to Versailles or taking them to a cabaret with my creations is my DNA. Reiterates Joahm Baruch.

Its name says it all: Allah indicates notables, whether bankers or city officials, whose uniform is required; ” crazy Is it right to assert one’s individuality, one’s imagination. In this serious world, cultivating individuality in taste is an existential matter. During a trip to Milan for an important show dedicated to men’s fashion, he realizes the strength of his prejudice. The Parisian returns home with a well-filled order book. A fashion designer alone in this stature is too daring to risk it. He feels the need to wear beautiful and unique suits out of a thousand.

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The concentration of big names in fashion in the hands of luxury or ready-to-wear giants has accelerated globalization in this field. Thus we find the same groups in Paris, Dubai or Seoul. This standardization is not compatible with the clearly defined clients of Lords & Fools. At a time when all fashion is invading the centers and screens of our cities, it has become a paradox to find clothes that give you a unique vibe. These show business stars who provide themselves the services of a costume designer to paint their stage outfits reflect that, today, more of us want to look just like us.

The quest for excellence and originality to which Joahm Baruch responds stubbornly over quality. It is sourced only from the finest French and Italian weaving ateliers, including the famous ones Kent Brine Factory which supplies Chanel, the symbol of French luxury. Since its inception in 2012, it has entrusted all the art of weaving to the Lyon factories, famous for their unparalleled expertise. Then, it’s all in the details and the cut, the tailor wants to be structured at shoulder cape level, and he tailors himself bent in order to better marry the male silhouette.

A hand-stitched “Slim Fit” feature for the reverse tricolor style of Brits who champion the “oversized” style. Another Franco-British dispute, this time in the net.

Joahm Baruch: Lord” denotes notables whether bankers or town-aldermen, who wear formal clothes; “fool” is the right to assert his individuality, and his fancy. ”

Lords & Fools promotes fashion from Paris to the world, so its founder wants to dress in style by offering sizes ranging from the Asian profile to the Scandinavian model. Collection after collection, the audience grows and stays loyal. Early fans want more, so one thing leads to another, the brand’s universe expands to include ties, military-chic coats, shoes, streetwear, and even womenswear. The businessman weaves his network from Miami to Johannesburg to cover five continents through a network of eighty stores.

to her double-digit growth It only continues because of the pandemic. Remaining independent in the name of his sacred artistic freedom, Joahm Baruch, will ruffle a few feathers compared to many colleagues in the profession. Within ten years, Lords & Fools’ turnover had grown from €100,000 to €3.5 million. a success story And he knows that no financier would dare to bet on him, it doesn’t matter, he’s not racing to collect donations. ” When you start small – without taking the trendy clothes of the moment as your only compass – and have a big vision, then yes, it is possible to succeed! Confirms Khayat’s grandson, whose creations can be found today at red carpet.

At the end of the year, the brand just made its first foray into jewelry with the launch of a necklace. Enough to attract more aficionados!

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