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DJS Avocats, Commercial Law Firm 4.0

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Specializing in business law, DJS Avocats has taken the role of new technologies. With strong synergy between teams, Attorneys offers 360-degree support.

“DJS Avocats is a commercial law firm that supports companies with strong technological and innovative dimensions,” explains David Smadja, Founder and Partner of DJS Avocats. Specializing in business law, the lawyer is involved in both advice and litigation. Acquisitions, disposal of company securities, equity financing operations, fundraising, restructuring of the company’s capital, incentive schemes for employees and corporate officials (issuing BSPCE, AGA) or even shareholder agreements, Me David Smadja accompanies its clients at each of the main stages of their projects.

Multidisciplinary team

The Business Law Attorney has surrounded himself with a multidisciplinary team to support startups, SMEs, ETIs, large groups but also shareholders, investors and principals in each of their legal cases.

Me Camille Smadja, Associate Attorney, leads the Social Law team. She is engaged in consulting (employment contracts, status of CEOs, bonuses, CSE, collective agreements, disciplinary procedures, social audit, restructuring, PSE) and in litigation in the context of individual or collective disputes.

I, David Joseph Attias, Partner Attorney who joined the firm in September 2022, have come to strengthen the IT dimension of DJS Avocats. Assists clients during the implementation of complex and innovative digital projects, in particular related to online services (outsourcing, SaaS, licensing, software), BtoB, BtoC or CtoC e-commerce and personal data protection. Personal. It also deals with all legal issues related to the feasibility, creation and operation of online and social networking platforms and services.

Supporting startups with high potential

With their innovative approach to business law and the perfect synergy between the different departments, the associate and associate attorneys at DJS Avocats make building practical and personalized solutions a point of honor. “Our clients are supported step by step at every major development stage of their project,” confirms David Smadja. The responsiveness and availability of partners and collaborators are the other strengths of the business firm.

DJS Avocats, committed to supporting high potential startups by helping them develop, has partnered with Station F and ESSEC in particular. David Smadja confirms: “We ensure a permanent presence in the expert area of ​​Station F in order to share our experience with beginners and answer their specific legal questions. At ESSEC, we organize training sessions and run workshops to help students and graduates develop their projects.”

Constantly in touch with companies at the forefront of technology, DJS lawyers have also implemented technological tools to facilitate customer relationship management. The firm’s ability to innovate, specializing in business law, isn’t about to stop there.

DJS Attorneys:

Website: https://djs-avocats.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/djs-avocats/

Address: 5 avenue Lincoln, 75008 Paris

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