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The British save fate in overtime against Strasbourg (4-3)

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This Saturday, the Albatross in Brest faced the Black Star of Strasbourg during the ninth day of Division 1. After many ups and downs, it was the British who finally snatched the victory in extra time (4-3).

The Brestians traveled to Alsace this weekend to challenge an opponent they know well. Venistria had already faced Strasbourg a few months earlier during the quarter-finals of the playoffs, which at that time turned in favor of the Albatross. After that, the match promised to be balanced between the two squads, even if the buildings at the start of the season remained more convincing than those achieved by Jonathan Avenel’s partners.

Great start to the game

As might be expected, the people of Strasbourg quickly showed themselves to be adventurers in front of their audience. They doubled down on the dangerous attacks, but Jerry Blazek kept his cages perfectly. The Brest albatross then took advantage of the indiscipline of the Alsatians to open the score in numerical superiority. After a long run from the goal, Nicolas Favarin sent a powerful shot that went to deceive the opposing goalkeeper (1-0, 6).

And a few minutes later, when the locals again had one less player on the ice, Jan Klose let his team break in after a pass from Vil Veepslainen (2-0, 12). Then it all seemed to start in the best possible way for Bristow who was hampered by a poor performance with chains lacking confidence.

Strasbourg wakes up

Leading two units, Black Star recovered after a slight relaxation of the Bretonians (2-1, 14th). Then the format of the match was reversed and it was Daniel Borg’s men who took the psychological advantage. However, Jiri Blazek remained focused on fending off opposition attempts and allowed his side to maintain their lead at the end of the first half.

Then the fight was rebalanced and Brest showed great things in the match, this good impression was also confirmed by the exciting Graham Avenel who came in to bring the defending champions two lengths back (3-1, 36).

Head to the extension

At the start of the last twenty minutes of the game, the Albatross in Brest had the game in hand, but the evil Devils turned the tip of their noses again. The Bretonians crammed in front of their goal, piling up their mistakes to better defend their advantage. In numerical superiority, Strasbourg found hope by reducing the lead (3-2, 53) before equalizing a step (3-3, 55). Then both teams went to overtime.

Brest Albatross snatch victory

Jakub Vrana finally offered victory to the Venestarians (3-2, 64th place). A precious success, especially since Mathieu Tremblay’s teammates have suffered three straight overtime losses this season. Thanks to their good performance, the Albatross of Brest climbed to 11th in Division 1 before welcoming the Dunkirk Pines (1) next weekend. It may be the opportunity to strike a blow by defeating the tournament leader.

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