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Paris 2024 | Tony Estangit: “Paris 2024 carries a message of openness to all passions, to all territories, to all the major challenges of our society; these will be the first Games where women and men are 100% equal”

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Two years before the opening ceremony, which will see athletes from all over the world parade in the Seine, the head of the Organizing Committee for the 2024 Olympic Games is “in full swing” to make the event a celebration that immortalizes the spirits. . First axes, concrete regulatory steps… Tony Estanguet offers us a road map linked to the environmental and societal challenges of the future.

Two years after the Olympics, what state of mind are you in?

Tony Eastangit: These next two years will be crucial to his success Paris 2024. We move to execution, in line with our vision: amazing, popular and sustainable games. The time required to refine the plan, project, number of sports, competition sites, global strategy, our organization. Its success will be in the details.

How do you define Olympic achievements?

TE: We start work with very concrete steps: the opening of the ticket office, the recruitment of volunteers and the arrival of the mascot. We now have good visibility on various points such as transportation, food (13 million meals will be served) and general organization. Without forgetting the coordination between all parties. French and international sports movement, public and corporate actors with their knowledge. After two years of gaming, our ambition level is still intact.

What do you mean by maintaining your ambition level?

TE: Despite the difficult context with the pandemic and international conflicts, we have maintained our goals. The Olympic Games are a testament to our know-how and our ability to deliver a wonderful moment of national unity in a key period.

With major social, cultural and economic issues overshadowing Paris 2024, are you feeling the pressure?

TE: Athletes, myself included, succeed in achieving ambitious goals. I love these kinds of challenges. All expectations are greater because France has been a favorite several times. There is popular enthusiasm with 80% of French people saying they want these games. We should build on this momentum and even ramp up our activity over the next two years. This requires coordination among hundreds of entities, whether sports federations, federations or public actors comprising nearly 3,000 classified societies.” Stadium 2024 “. The Paris Club 2024 At 80,000 members alone… It is the greatest collegiate sporting adventure our country has ever faced.

How do you define the Paris Olympics compared to previous Olympiads?

TE: Paris 2024 It is quite an innovative model as we have kept the best of the recent versions. The Tokyo Olympics Which gave us amazing moments followed by 3 billion people. We will differentiate ourselves by leveraging our strengths. We are taking sport out of the stadiums by opening venues that are part of our cultural heritage for competitions: Great palacethey DisabledAnd the Concorde Square where is the Champ de Mars in Paris, but also in some places in Tahiti! We transfer events to other regions, to major cities such as Marseille, Lille, Nantes, Bordeaux and Nice.

What dates will you not miss?

TE: Paris 2024 It carries the message of being open to all passions, to all areas, to all major challenges of our society. The environment is at the heart of this project with the aim of halving carbon emissions, parity and inclusiveness. These will be the first games to be 100% gender equal.

Do you give the Olympics an impetus for societal issues?

TE: They have this ability to accelerate society’s transformations, because we put impact and passion on core issues. For example, we have athletes promoting the 30 minutes of exercise a day challenge in schools to combat physical inactivity and obesity. The message is very powerful. As for the Paralympics, this will be the first time the country has organized them. This is an opportunity to innovate again, with the creation of a Paralympic Day on October 8 and a single slogan for all the Olympic Games.

Behind Paris 2024, there is also the problem of environmentally sustainable construction …

TE: Yes, I think Legacy Paris 2024 It will not be so much a physical legacy because it is a new model: 95% of the infrastructures are existing or temporary, which is ideal from an environmental, budgetary or societal point of view. Start by creating a responsible buying guide. Even if we are subject to public procurement, we evaluate all services provided to us through the filter of the circular economy, sustainable development [en carbone] and value creation in an area (using ESS) so that the price criterion is not the only differentiating factor.

10,000 athletes will parade on the River Seine during the opening ceremony of the 2024 Games in Paris. Anecdotally, former President Jacques Chirac, then Mayor of Paris, announced that we would soon be swimming there.

Starting at the Athletes’ Village?

TE: The Athletes’ Village is seen as the city of tomorrow. The solideo [Société de livraison des ouvrages olympiques], which is the main contractor’s general organization, has created a place that combines innovations with modular constructions – based on wood and low-carbon concrete – but also landscaped areas and other green resources to lower the temperature. It’s not the area you’ll adapt to Toys But the opposite. Schools and convenience stores are already integrated into the future life of the village.

Choosing Seine-Saint-Denis is also a strong symbol?

TE: Yes, there is a very strong partnership between Paris and the Seine Saint-Denis. A young department, very rich from the point of view of cultural diversity, with a lot of associative dynamism. The Athletes’ Village brings together all the delegations from all countries living in the same place. So it is a very beneficial symbol and investment with long lasting equipment.

Will the opening ceremony cross the waters?

TE: Yes, 10,000 athletes will parade down the Seine during the opening ceremony 2024 Games in Paris. For the record, ex Jacques Chirac, the then mayor of Paris, announced that people would soon be swimming there. It was a multi-decade kind of wishful thinking made possible through the dynamics of games and the combined action of decision-makers in Grand Parisprovince and region. However, this may not be completed in 2024, even if we have much better water quality through the decontamination measures we launch.

The temporary cost of the Olympic Games is estimated at 8 billion euros. How is it distributed?

TE: There are two entities: the public entity, and the solideothat we talked about, and the private entity that is Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024 [Cojo] which I chair. It is an association that is funded by private funds with a budget of approximately 4 billion, and its three main sources of income come from tickets, large corporations, and television broadcasting rights that are donated by International Olympic Committee [Comité international olympique]. In addition to the 98% private funds, there is a small public contribution dedicated exclusively to the Paralympic Games. In addition, the public organization Solideo exclusively manages infrastructure management. It is partly funded by public money: 1.5 billion out of 4 billion.

How do you deal with inflation?

TE: The organizing committee budget is under my responsibility. It was estimated at the implementation stage in 2016 at 3.8 billion. Seven years later, all of these costs have been revised to approximate 4 billion. It’s a small development, but we’ve accommodated it by generating additional income with partners in the “hospitality” business. Suggest package offers including tickets, transportation and accommodation to spectators or companies. It is my responsibility that the revenue we generate covers the expenses of the 878 contests. Inflation will certainly affect the budget for the Olympic Games. Our challenge is to seek extra income to always control the budget. The initial budget, submitted in 2016, only took into account revenue from box office tickets, and there were no other models. We will also have popular tickets.

French sports have achieved good results in a number of disciplines such as judo, fencing and swimming. I’m not worried about athletics as much as it’s a discipline that France has already supervised.

What are the popular tickets?

TE: We’ve always wanted popular games that are open to everyone. We have, together with the General Representatives, reserved hundreds of thousands of places for the less privileged audience: 1 million tickets for 24 euros in all sports in the Olympic segment and also 500,000 tickets for 15 euros in the Paralympic segment. Moreover, to avoid risks associated with corruption and black market, we have developed a new 100% secure and digital ticketing system on the platform. Paris 2024.

The security challenge is at the heart of the differences.. What is your answer?

TE: We will not take any risks on the matter because it will depend on the quality of the experience for the spectators as well as for the athletes who should not have difficulty. It is an unprecedented system with weekly meetings mobilizing the various personalities involved such as Police DepartmentThe Ministry of Interior AffairsAnd the army, and the municipal police, and then the private security. Today, we continue to improve our organization by analyzing the causes of accidents such as Stade de France last May.

Wouldn’t that spoil the spirit of celebration and gathering?

TE: It’s complementary, because the idea is to stay very ambitious with the party with a security that can’t be seen but remains effective. Count on us to make the party so beautiful.

How is the French sport?

TE: French sports have achieved good results in a number of disciplines such as judo, fencing and swimming. I’m not worried about athletics as much as it’s a discipline that France has already supervised. Our players train a lot and mobilize hard to achieve the goal Paris 2024. I trust them and am optimistic about the French medal chances. I hope the French will be their first supporters.

What do we wish you today?

TE: That I maintain this momentum through good control of time and budget, and that we continue to move forward with the same ambition to make the historic games a success.

The partners declare their love for Paris 2024

in Paris in 2024, omega He will take on the role of official timekeeper for the 31st time to record every moment of glory, every Olympic dream. The Primary Economic Supporters of the Olympic Games, 33 companies linked to the values ​​of excellence, friendship and respect, engraved in the Olympic Charter, with four levels of sponsorship: Global Partners (Omega, Airbnb…), Premium Partners (Crossroads, Orange…), official partners (Cisco, Samsung, Decathlon, FDJ…) and official supporters with an in-kind contribution (Salesforce, digital customer relations platform, Egis, sports equipment supplier, etc.).

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