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In the wellsprings of paradise at the Royal Evian Resort

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It’s not quite the time to hit the ski slopes, nor to bust out your Christmas decorations, but nonetheless, there’s definitely great music in us! Do you hear that chorus calling us to take off, away from cities and screens, for an invigorating mountain break? A getaway under the luxury label where you’re at the center of five-star attention. This fall, we’re looking at the Haute-Savoie side, which is an excellent precursor to the coming winter. Entrust your wish list to the Hôtel Royal Evian Resort for an unforgettable vacation.

Decide, we do not refuse anything! Do you want nature, culture, gastronomic experiences, sports activities, to see your children pampered, holidays more refined … In the Royal Evian Hotel, you have come to the right address. Set on a belvedere above Lake Geneva in the heart of a 19-hectare private park, the resort has everything from a postcard Savoyard. Eternal snow, alpine purity, meadows as far as the eye can see, vineyards, picturesque villages, the sweetness of life is an art cultivated in all seasons. The exceptional location of the establishment in itself justifies the “Palace” label, which it bears alongside the elite of the French hotel industry (Le George V Four Seasons, Le Plaza Athénée, Le Meurice, etc.).

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Beyond this idyllic setting, there is much more to experience at this century-old residence that opened in 1909. Here, you can follow in the footsteps of great figures who crossed the 20th century: such as England’s Queen Mother, by Greta Garbo, Sasha Guitry , Marcel Proust … a guest book that also lists all the G8 heads of state that was staged at the Royal Evian in 2003, an event that has gone down in history. President Jacques Chirac could not have found a better place to meet the G8 leaders safely – and quietly – while Paris stood up to Washington on the issue of an attack on Iraq.

At this elevated holiday resort at 497 metres, one feels the quiet power of detachment. The cup that all humans and adults in this world aspire to. Giving up on this is nothing but a source of boredom. You need a few days there to explore the thousand and one activity. On the first day, we start with a tour of the field to discover its endless possibilities.

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In this green place sheltering nearly 600 trees, some of them centenarians, the hand of man has shaped wonderful gardens, a rose garden, an orchard, a greenhouse, an old-fashioned botanical garden and the famous belvedere to offer us breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Geneva. Wherever you look, the alchemy between nature and human imprint works great!

Moreover, why not try heat therapy in order to feel the energizing power of trees? Under the supervision of a guide, walkers learn to listen to the sonic melody of the forest and its aromatic messages wishing us well. Yogis – always more numerous – will find an ideal place to indulge their discipline by immersing themselves in this mineral image.

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Clients who frequent the resort come above all for the thrill of miniature golf on the prestigious golf course. A paradise for golfers intended for the most demanding and most professional players, but above all the stars monopolized the world rankings. The place is inseparable from the legendary heroism Starring Amondi EvianWhich culminated in the biggest names in women’s golf in the world. Started in 1994 by Antoine and Franck Riboud (founders of the Danone Group and owners of the Savoyard Palace), the tournament made its debut in 2013 on the very closed circuit of the five major women’s golf tournaments.

The elite crowd out there, challenged by its rhythmic course with technical greens and strategic obstacles that allow them to fully express their game.

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And you’re in all of this? Its not complicated! She will accompany you to achieve the goals that you set for yourself, whether they are ambitious or not. The Evian Resort Golf Club has its own training center, the Academy, which offers high-quality education. Each player can follow a tailor-made tutorial thanks to six training modules that allow him to work on all aspects of the discipline.

If you’re visiting during the winter months, you can still play sports thanks to Golfzon’s indoor simulator that integrates into its catalog of up to 180 courses around the world (St Andrews, Mission Hills, Pebble Beach, etc.) including the Amundi Evian Championship . To the greens!

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After a breath of fresh air and a few swings, it’s time for the destination’s other sport: gastronomy. Palace obliges, the offer is plentiful: from elegant brasserie to PorchOn the healthy table The olive grove For a high-flying experience at the Michelin-starred restaurant murals, supervised by charismatic chef Patrice Vander. This cuckoo, a graduate of Plaza Athena, has been working at Evian since 2001, a loyalty matched only by her creativity. In the evening, we trade our sneakers for our elegant tuxedo and elegant dress, for our ladies, for a gourmet hookup.

For appetizers, osetra caviar or lobster on foie gras royale; You will chain, or rather, stall among all the goodies available to you on land, sea and lake: Polar de Bresse, filet of beef galore, Blue Lobster, Wild Sea Bass … It’s been twenty years since Patrice Vander has been turning Epicureans from all over the scientist!

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From one meal to the next, we like to diversify our indoor and outdoor culinary experiences. Back on sunny days, sit around the pool under the pine trees at L’Oliveraie Restaurant; These days, we’re more than happy to retreat to the cozy lounge for a welcome sip of hot chocolate (and some sweet treats). This is the perfect opportunity to stop, be silent in order to enjoy the beauty of the place. The Belle Époque atmosphere perfectly responds to the splendor of contemporary design.

We let ourselves be soothed by the powdery blue walls so characteristic of the address, the crystal chandeliers and the rare wooden furniture which, for its part, add character so precious as this huge collection of works of contemporary art that traverses the spaces.

© Royal Evian Resort Hotel

In the rooms and suites, comfort and beauty are also at their peak… We feel comfortable in our cocoon surrounded by our loved ones. We are happy to stay there for days to live idleness and delicious room service! Fortunately, the prospect of a Biologique Recherche treatment at Spa Evian Source, a bubble of sheer luxury, and a trip into town to the famous Cachat spring to siphon off its famous mineral water… brings us back to sanity.

Not to move there to live at the fancy hour – in a perfect world – we’d be back to visit the Grande Dame in all seasons!

Royal Evian Resort Hotel

13 Matrons Street

74500 Evian-les-Bains

Phone: 04 50 26 85 00


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