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Valentino launches a new design concept in its stores to improve human interactions

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With a new design concept for its stores, Maison Valentino wants its customers to experience the warmth of Roman life.

Maison Valentino is redefining the retail experience with a concept launched last June in its store in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. For some time now, the Italian brand has been striving to improve its customers’ experience in store and online. The goal is to make customers feel Italian hospitality, Valentino is a Roman house and the Romans are known for their warmth. This new concept invites customers to share the warmth of Roman life.

To do this, Valentino puts its customers’ needs and comfort at the center of its interests, using the Couture approach at all levels. The house has tested this approach at Madrid’s Plaza de Canalegas, Venice’s Campo San Moisi, and Jeddah’s Al Khayyat Center, which opened last month. Customers will be greeted by exterior ceramic façades inspired by the entrance doors in castle Romans, and interiors inspired by the fabric used to make sporty-style corsets.

To complement the interior, Valentino combines 1930s Art Deco style with contemporary 1970s-style furnishings that create a more intimate shopping experience. Camaleonda sofas Mario BelliniCustom-made bed and breakfasts in Italy as well as graphic Golan rugs complement the interior of this Valentino boutique in Jeddah.

A cream color palette combined with pops of green and yellow onyx, botticino marble, and Sahara noir chevrons sets a contrasting and inviting mood. Handcrafted Golan rugs, Analogia project lighting, and ceramic door handles are all made by Italian artisans Massimiliano Pepolo It also adds a unique touch. Alexandre Loget created chandeliers with white carved stucco moldings and long branches. In addition, Fabio Cente Creating geometric compositions of brass.

Maison Valentino continues a slow redevelopment of several stores around the world starting this month, with even more ambitious plans for 2023. “Each store becomes a new home for the brand and an intimate place to welcome its customers, placing human interactions at the heart of Valentino, celebrating the Maison’s iconic symbols and its Italian heritage. says the Italian house.

Maintaining the spirit of the place, it was important for Valentino to tailor the aesthetics according to the area in which the store is located. Valentino Garavani’s men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and accessories collections are arranged in an unexpected way. Finally, to meet the needs of their clients, the new concept of the Italian house also includes exclusive shopping areas by appointment, for added privacy.

Next year, this new concept will be deployed in Geneva, Florence, Paris, Shanghai and New York.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Allison Porte

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