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The French bulldog wins the national dog show, but Steve Kornacki is a clear second

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If you were watching the 2022 National Dog Show on Thanksgiving, you know that AJ The French Bulldog Winston won Best in Show.

But a part of the audience’s heart will always belong Steve Kornacki.

Kornacki, a political reporter for NBC News and MSNBC, is known for his analysis of elections, and usually uses a visual aid, map, or graph of some sort, usually by scribbling various numbers on said visual aid. If there were a Kornacki “breed standard,” it would include khakis, goggles, and a touchscreen.

But NBC didn’t just offer him to cover the election — the network also launched him to work its magic on the Olympics.

This holiday, he parachuted into the National Dog Show to analyze track records from different groups and breeds of dogs.

But Cornacki didn’t stop there!

Kornacki, 43, also gave us a rundown of the most popular strains in the country.

French Like Winston (Non-Sporting Group) Ranked #2 It’s 2021, which we already knew, but somehow it just felt extra special from the guy in the khakis.

Kornacki has also compiled a list of the most popular dog names in New York City, suggesting you can stand outside the dog park and call “Max!” or “Bella!” And you’ll have a good chance of turning some hairy heads.

Messages of appreciation from Kornacki quickly circulated on social media. This is also part of the sacred television tradition of Turkey Day. It was as if the man had lifted a chair on the break table and started posting sideways stats.

Gratitude and dogs – what more could you ask for?

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