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NGOLD Switzerland: luxury in stone

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From ancient Egypt to ancient Rome, lithotherapy has always had followers interested in the therapeutic benefits that radiate from semi-precious stones. Swiss Naomé Schenk has made it her daily companion to alleviate her insomnia problems. The entrepreneur has developed a full range of products exported internationally and distributed in luxury hotels. A look back at Trend 3.0 led by NGOLD Switzerland.

Laser therapy is so important in your life, where does this attraction come from?

Naomi Shenk : I grew up close to nature in Switzerland, I was constantly playing outside with my sisters, and I started collecting stones. Since then, the stones have been a constant in my life. With my illness, I had a lot of pain, and I stayed in the hospital, all punctuated by insomnia. So I was interested in its benefits, this is how the world of laser therapy opened up to me.

What are the virtues of this proven semi-precious stone?

Certain minerals and minerals are essential to our body and health. Like the copper found in malachite, known to reduce muscle pain. The benefits of stones have been highlighted for thousands of years as advocated by the Romans and Egyptians. So it is not new.

Is it necessary to believe in crystals to feel their positive energy?

I think so, because like everything in life, if you don’t believe in it and close yourself in, you won’t succeed.

When did you decide to make it a career in itself by combining this discipline with the rules of luxury?

In 2019, I wanted to create a luxury brand associated with stones, because throughout my career, stones have always accompanied me. I wanted to honor my inner child and create something unique, powerful, and something that could positively impact people’s lives. I realized that since my childhood, I had always suffered from severe insomnia and at the same time, I knew that certain stones were known to help combat sleep disorders such as rose quartz, amethyst or blue topaz. However, I’ve never found a way to connect to these little things to help me sleep. And so my idea appears.

Naomi Schenk © NGOLD Switzerland

I surround myself with the leaders of the luxury industry in order to create silk sleep masks that contain semi-precious stones and deliver the best possible quality. I have also placed my values ​​of sustainability, excellence and elegance at the heart of the brand. Product, packaging, visual and digital identity, every dimension needs to be consistent. NGOLD Switzerland was born!

What are your main products?

Our best seller is the Lapis Lazuli Stone Silk Sleeping Mask. Onyx stone is also very popular. Presented as a jewel in its box, this accessory aims to ease the stress of long journeys as it is a good daily companion for better sleep. We have recently expanded our world by making silk pillowcases.

What is the feedback from customers of the brand and those who are not familiar with stone processing?

Our customers share that it is a new experience for them, that the stone helps to relax and that they sleep better. They really won over with the concept. The mask is made of pure silk, of the best quality, and has been designed so that you are completely in the dark, and customers especially appreciate that enveloping feeling. All of this feedback encourages us to bring the NGOLD experience to more and more people.

How did the fantastic headlines convince NGOLD to bring Switzerland to its walls, such as the luxurious Hotel Ultima Gstaad?

They found themselves in our concept that combines quality, ethics, sophistication and innovation. But also, and above all, because it is a market in which there is great demand. Customers who frequent five-star hotels and luxury hotels often have a holistic view of luxury and health, they are looking for this kind of value-added product. With our partner Ultima Collection (located in Crans Montana, Corfu, Courchevel, Cannes…), we have gone beyond marketing our products within estates, by co-creating “The Chakra Balancing” massage that utilizes the benefits of stones during a treatment. This ritual is now most requested by the residents of Spa Ultima in Gstaad.

NGOLD Switzerland also exports internationally. What are your main markets and development strategy?

Currently, our main markets are Switzerland, England and the Middle East with mainly Qatar and UAE. From 2023, we will expand to the United States: it is a very mature market in this field, and many celebrities have made the benefits of stones known to a wide audience.

France is also a priority for you, as it is a highly sought after market for luxury and luxury players.

I am very attached to France through my love for Paris. We have customers in the first hour on e-commerce, but we don’t have a point of sale yet. This is the next step. Our gateway will be to find partners who identify themselves in NGOLD Switzerland (hotels, clinics, beauty institutes or concept stores) in order to offer our products for sale. We were present at the recent Paris Fashion Week, which led us to meet some very interesting people ahead…

I finally got into entrepreneurship to get out of distress. For those who dare not overcome their psychological brakes, what are your lessons?

My leitmotif is “dreaming and daring” (Dream and audacity). I believe that first and foremost, it is absolutely essential that you are passionate, that you love what you do deeply, and that means that you must embark on a field in which you feel agreed, fulfilled. Next, you need to believe in your dream, think big, and have self-confidence. And dare, because it is no longer enough to just “do”, you have to dare to take risks, to do what others are reluctant to do because it means stepping out of your comfort zone. For everything else, I think you have to live it up. As long as we haven’t experienced the entrepreneurial adventure, we won’t really know what it stands for.

influence its existence. You will discover that with all the effort and method in the world, we can’t anticipate everything! There are constant changes. Be mentally strong and willing to adapt.

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