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Mystria | Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti reaches the heights of opulence and luxury!

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It is undoubtedly a revelation: a 5-star hotel of exceptional comfort and careful design, where everything is done for luxury. Perfect staff, vegan table and spa selections. Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti is the pinnacle of the hotel industry, respecting the environment. As evidence of this, he was awarded international awards. Live this experience, one of the most hype alp.

Happiness friends ! We tested it in the Dolomites! Not only because the view of the Granite Mountains, planted with pine and fir trees, is beyond you; But because live in the heart Lefay Dolomiti Resort & Spa It provides unique luxury.

Once in the heart of Val Rendina, in the thousand-year-old Trentino-Alto Adige, with its flowery chalets and welcoming inns, you will immerse yourself in the surrounding nature. Summer: grassland, majestic mountain, waterfalls, park flora and fauna. In winter, all kinds of skiing delight on the world-renowned slopes in stunning scenery. UNESCO was not mistaken and classified the valley as a World Heritage Site. Expect to be shaken internally!

Right from the start the hotel Lefay Dolomiti Resort & Spa, located at an altitude of 800 m, It stands almost like a cathedral of glass and wood. Magnificent architecture is well anchored in the mountainside! You’ve come to the best.

Once inside, you will be blown away by the elegance of the details. No taste, sober and warm decoration! Italy has always been at the forefront when it comes to elegance and sophistication. friends Lefay Dolomiti Resort & SpaAlcide and Liliana Leali, make it big.

The lobby of the Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti hotel

Reception staff, very caring. Because that’s what it really is: Great care has been thought of in all the activities you do for your well-being, whether for simple idleness on a deck chair, a sporty swimming session (pool used. Imagine, of course) or treatments. spa, etc.

Luxury, tranquility and luxury… This trio of excellence is present everywhere, from the lobby to the spacious rooms, incl Spafitness room or restaurants.

Right away, you feel (very) satisfied to have lived a perfect stay. Luggage settled in your room. It is the refined design that envelops you. Light oak and chestnut woods and local stones, elegant custom-made furniture, high-quality Italian fabrics and the latest technology. ENDLESS DETAILS: For the comfort of your sleep, you can choose the thickness and density of your pillow!

The 88 rooms are equipped with large windows that allow you to admire the view of the mountain or the outdoor pool. Another strong point: there is space with 50 Prestige Junior Suites (57 sqm) and 27 Junior Deluxe Suites (57 sqm); And to live this experience Lefay Dolomiti Resort & Spa As a family, 5 family suites (92m²) with 2 separate bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. 5 exclusive spa suites (100 sqm), designed to live a unique and exciting experience, in a private wellness area complete with jacuzzi and large balcony. Finally, the royal pool and spa suite (430 sqm), the ultimate expression of Lefay’s new luxury with large jacuzzi, shower, two saunas, treatment beds and an outdoor hot tub on the terrace.

Exclusive spa in the suites

We also loved the hologram-shaped fireplace that you light with the remote control. The bathrooms are distinctly luxurious and luxurious, with Lefay skin and body products. We told you welfare is a religion here.

Welcome to the center for a wellness trip around the baths and saunas. This exceptional resort has won many international awards

In the spa, live the experience of the black turtle …

…or the Green Dragon

A relaxing moment, the mountain as far as the eye can see

Head to the spa! Here again, luxury is intensely on offer. Everywhere. We touch on greatness. Where do you start? with 5000 m2On four levels, it offers an unprecedented array of treatments, with signature massages inspired by Classical Chinese Medicine And a group of massages from the eastern and western traditions. We had a slight preference for the healing energy courses, circuits with different temperatures and humidity, specific botanical treatments, and aromatherapy treatments, customized according to the energy state of each. From the center, the place of contact, we go to Green Dragonand Red Phoenix, and White Tiger And in the black turtle, the stages of the world of comparisons and symbols where you find energy balance.

what I say Nine saunas, all at different temperatures, and the bath, before plunging into ice water for a few seconds. Skin and body rejuvenation. Let’s continue with some indoor and outdoor pool folk, jacuzzi baths or massage jets.

Temple of Well-Being, in the cabins, treatment is associated with herbal medicine, light therapy, or heat therapy. All treatments use a cosmetic brand Levi’s Spa “Tra Suoni e Colori” is a range of cosmetic and beauty products, combining nature and science, resulting from the Lefay SPA method chaired by the brand’s Scientific Committee.

Let’s go to the open restrooms of XXL on the mountain as far as the eye can see while nibbling on goji berries and dried apricots with green tea. magic!

The largest spa in the Alps is simply a must-see, and has already won more than fifteen international awards. Fair rewards from a hotel that promotes excellence. As further proof, the resort is completely emission-free and certified by the most reputable organizations in the world.

And on the gastronomy side, the table was not left out. The breakfast is just amazing. There is everything to keep you satisfied or just click. Master Italy to tackle either a mountain bike or ski outing or simply swallow some fresh fruit before going for a swim. A special mention to the pastry chef, who makes absolutely fantastic croissants on the spot.

In the evening the chef Matteo Menzawhich I spent with Jean-François Piège and Anne-Sophie Bec, pays homage to the Dolomites’ topography Organic restaurant oatmeal, which takes its name from the nearby mountain. Extolling mountain produce and flavours, with an extensive wine list. Less elaborate, but just as meticulous, you can also spend a very nice evening in Dolomia. With a view of Pinzolo.

Lefay Dolomiti Resort & Spa Live around the four seasons: in winter the hotel is located in the heart of one of the most beautiful ski areas in Italy, the Madonna di Campiglio area and its 150 kilometers of slopes. Summer: hiking, electric mountain bikes (loaned from the hotel) to discover an incredible heritage; The more adventurous can treat themselves to a paragliding flight over the peaks. In the spring it will be time to discover the fauna and especially the plants, one of the most wild in Europe. In the fall, enjoy the glory of the colors of the forest. With a haven of eco-luxury and luxury, one of the most elegant, refined and sophisticated Italian-style hotels in Europe.

How to get there?

On a plane:

  • Verona Airport (140 km)
  • Milan Linate Airport (198 km)
  • Malpensa Airport (247 km)

In the process of:

  • Paris-Milan by SNCF or Trenitalia, then back 3 hours by car

Reservation Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti 5 *

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