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Michael Bartocetti, pastry chef at Four Seasons Hotel George V, reveals his creations for the holiday season

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focus today ➡ to decorate festive tables, Pastry chef in the palace Michael Bartocetti Reinterprets the curves of a traditional Christmas tree around a register With a polished curve and squiggly, graphic lines, it’s a perfect gift to share with the family.

George V

The swirls that refer to the origami garnishes that the chef loved during Christmas in Lorraine. And so in the Christmas Tree Revisited we find these very subtle layers of this wrapping paper technique that children are taught to create airy snowflakes to hang on the tree. Delicately garnished with dulce de leche chocolate icing and thin slices of 40% Peruvian milk chocolate, the dessert with painted and bright reflections reveals a light and creamy mousse infused with branches of Scots pine, a variety with a slightly plump body and with a subtle aroma of lemongrass that awakens the palate. To intensify this bouquet, confit citrus fruits from Damien Blasco With powerful essences and balanced acidity, it brings to every bite a deep vibrancy and a swirl of freshness, amplified by chestnut honey jam mixed with Sicilian olive oil. The indulgence continues with soft biscuits with olive oil and almonds from Provence with lovely fruity notes that are delicate and comforting, amplified by the crunchy flavors of crunchy almond cake and lemon. A perfect moment to share and enjoy the magic of the year-end festivities. Christmas Registry at Four Seasons Hotel George V Available on Christmas Pop Up from Friday 16th December to Sunday 8th January 2023, priced at €135.

George V Gastronomy

Along with the basics Yul Log, Mansion Executive Pastry Chef Michael Bartocetti Signal Galette Des Royce Delicious and delicious. A nod to the chef’s Italian origins, Galette de Roi is garnished with almond macarons, traditionally garnished with panettone, for delicious and crunchy first courses. These enveloping ingredients are accompanied by a generous puff pastry with caramel reflections, which the chef has composed around a delicious croissant dough. To perfect this flair, Michael Bartocetti has infused delicate cerulean almond blossom into each of his compositions. Handcrafted with care and precision by artist Olivia Bellerin, each piece in this collection is one of a kind. A true little treasure, it will delight even the luckiest of sweet lovers. Galette de Roi at the Four Seasons Hotel George V Available in Christmas pop-up from Sunday 1st to Sunday 8th January 2023, priced at €75.

To accompany the celebrations of Christmas and Epiphany, imagine the team Set of sweets and cakes To share or show to loved ones including sDelicious marbled pinecone, Four Seasons Peams a la mode with comforting flavors, box in an incredibly regressive candy, or even a gourmet spread…

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Four seasons, the BIM way

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