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Il Carpaccio du Royal-Monceau, a gourmet Italian restaurant!

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Il Carpaccio, the famous Italian restaurant of the Royal Monceau, takes on a new gastronomic challenge in September 2021, creating an unprecedented partnership between the table at Royal Monceau Raffles Paris and Da Vittorio, 3 Michelin stars near Bergamo. 6 months after reopening, the restaurant won a star thanks to Italian couple Alessandra del Favero and Oliver Peras.

A convivial, high-quality kitchen in its realization

Chefs Oliver Peras and Alessandra Del Favero Il Carpaccio

In the kitchen, the Italian chefs Alessandra Del Favero and Oliver Peras, as a couple in the kitchen and in the city, carry the colors of gastronomy across the High Alps. They have risen to the challenge by creating a convivial gourmet Italian cuisine reimagined with a lighter touch.
A more modern tone but without being excessive and without distorting the classics of Italian cuisine presented on the menu. Thus, as Oliver Perras says, “He wants to be pure in his expression and revolve around trans-Alpine products of exceptional quality.”
Tempting set menu of 5 appetizers, different pasta and rice and 6 dishes as well as a 6 course set menu. The taste buds are already drooling in advance!
To get to the restaurant, the guest passes through a pearly corridor decorated with thousands of seashells. A beautiful evocation of a nymphaeum from the Italian Baroque, enhanced by the central chandelier also decorated with shells.
A conservatory surrounded by glass surfaces, designed in length, has been transformed into an intimate room, bright and quiet, in ivory colours. Overlooking the courtyard and its pond, which is lit up at night thanks to its garlands hanging from the trees, it provides a visual haven of peace and green.

Il Carpaccio Restaurant Il Carpaccio Landscape Terrace

tempting card

Carpaccio dining room restaurant

Welcomed by the staff with great attention and kindness, we started this evening which promises to be better looked after, with a tasting of a new vintage – a cross-alpine nugget recommended to us by the young sommelier -. Studying the map, we actually discover wines we don’t know as well as very beautiful lands across prestigious estates. The menu is therefore as innovative, vibrant and youthful as this young duo of chefs.

Choosing dishes will be difficult!

Beef carpaccio with truffle

Complicated to choose between exquisite veal chop style “elephant’s ear”, sea carpaccio, vitello tonnato (lemon style), beef carpaccio with truffles (succulent) rack of lamb (lemon, broccoli, kale and juicy meat with apricots from Vesuvius), risotto or Spaghetti with truffles or bonito!
After many hesitations, we chose the 6-course menu, including the beef carpaccio with truffles and crispy amaranth, the sea bream menu, and then the famous “baqueri alla vittorio” (thick and short pasta), a famous and legendary da vittorio recipe, made to order. Served with three tomato sauce and fresh parmesan cheese. Here is the chef himself serving you by putting the finishing touch on you!

Complexity in simplicity

Il Carpaccio – Tiramisu

Rarely has a dinner been so exquisite and incredibly delicate on the palate. All the flavors explode in the mouth but in a very controlled and balanced manner in their doses.
Between the delicious carpaccio, the shrimp risotto, the melt-in-the-mouth rack of lamb and the sublime tiramisu at the end, masterfully prepared by pastry chef Quentin Lechat, the meal was an explosion of subtle flavours!
Complex flavors while being of biblical simplicity!
To recommend without moderation

My opinion :
An Italian to treat yourself to, especially for food addicts across the Alps.
A real intimate moment without false notes with attentive and competent staff!
I advise

Il Carpaccio
37 s nod
75008 Paris

Phone: +33 1 42 99 88 12

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