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URB had to work to beat the rounds (89-85)

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On Wednesday evening, the FIFPro moved onto the parquet floor in the rounds during Day 11 of the premier men’s national championship. And after a difficult start to the match, the Breton team took the upper hand at the end of the match to achieve another success (89-85).

URB’s renaissance! While they were left to an unexpected defeat by Toulouse in their last game (74-82), Bretagne wanted to bounce back during their trip to Tours. For its part, the Indroligerian team has struggled to take off and pick up points in the league. So the meeting should have been a formality for Cheick Sekou-Conde’s teammates, but the Tourangeaux weren’t letting themselves go.

Rounds dominate the beginning of the match

Rennes entered the game poorly and the locals logically took advantage to quickly take the lead. After being overwhelmed defensively, Breitlin’s team succumbed to too many baskets and lacked accuracy on the other side of the court. At the end of the first quarter, the visitors were trailing 25-17.

Still, the URB players pulled themselves together by being able to catch up a bit. But Breton still dominated the rebounds, and struggled to really pick up the score. Upon returning to the locker room, the NM1 leader was still running behind his opponent (41-45).

URB makes rounds bend

Then the third quarter was very balanced between the two teams and tension was building on the floor. The outcome of the match was uncertain at this time, but Britton made the difference at the end of the match. More accurate than the locals at the time of the money, Joffrey Sklair and Co. finally won with a new success (89-85). With this victory obtained without difficulty, URB retains priority in NM1. Rennes Challans (3) will receive next Tuesday for a new shock in perspective.

Bernd and Kip, winning doubles

If Pascal Thibaud’s men can make a comeback in this match, it will be in part due to the in-form duo of Leo Bernd and Sebastien Cape. The strong winger finished as the match’s top scorer with 24 points to his credit. The former Lorient man was named MVP after another impressive performance (20 points, 8 assists and 4 steals).

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