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Royal Monceau-Raffles Paris has opened its official online store

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Parisian palace Royal Monceau-Raffles Paris Hotel Reveals digital store Highlighting a selection of exclusive products: specially hand-picked art pieces Art concierge Julie Eugene As well as creations signed by The Pastry Chef Quentin Letchat.

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Julie Eugene She has hand-picked key items for sale at La Librairie des Arts, a sounding board for world art programming and cultural news, which offers more than 700 titles and pieces by artists And the Architects. From unique pieces and highlight boxes, through costume accessories and character books, everything is there to please or enjoy.

Quentin Letchat Meanwhile, she imagined new recipes to delight her taste buds outside the palace walls. We find there The Pearl, its signature design, is available in vanilla, chocolate and exotic fruits, individually, or in a family format to enjoy with loved ones. Not to mention seasonal fruit tarts, pastry classics revisited, and more daring proposals, such as popcorn pie A guaranteed return to childhood.

RM Pastry

Orders are placed the day before collection the next day at the Librairie des Arts for art pieces and at Bar Long reception for the pastry chef’s creations.

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