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Meta Announces It Wants Better Protection for Teens on Facebook and Instagram | 42% of sports fans worldwide oppose automated referees

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News ➡ This Monday 21st of November Declared Meta-Incorporation The following new features for Teen protection using their platforms Facebook and Instagram. The goal: to limit, as well as enhance, contact between these young people and adults Censorship of intimate images of teenagers.

The first post planning to index Adult accounts as “suspects” If blocked or reported by a minor. withdrawal “write” button It is also being tested on Instagram to prevent these dangerous accounts from contacting minors. It will also not be shown in the list of contact recommendations “You probably know.”.

led group Mark Zuckerberg She also revealed her desire to encourage the use of her security tools among the younger ones, in particular by encouraging them to block and then sReport a suspicious account. Useful information will also be shared in the form of notifications, in partnership with National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) To help them learn how to respond to inappropriate messages.

At the same time, all new accounts on Facebook were created by users Under 16 (under 18 in some countries) It will be configured by default with stricter confidentiality standards. On Instagram, this type of measure has already been introduced in 2021.

number ➡ 42% Spectators in sports stadiums around the world are opposed Automated rulers. This was revealed by a new study from the cloud provider inspirationwhich was published prior to launch world Cup To better understand the expectations of spectators in stadiums in terms of technology. if Germany (58%) , Italia (53%), Spain (52%) , Australia (50%) and France (48%) topped the list of countries most opposed to robot rule, with two countries broadly saying they “love the idea”: China (54%) and the United Arab Emirates (53%).

Other than arbitration, some technology use cases are less divisive: 58% Spectators in stadiums would like, for example, Pre-order meals and drinks And the 31% Willing to pay extra to order a meal in advance if that allows them to skip the line.

In the same way, 34% like to use Digital printingin lieu of a ticket, to enter the stadium; 26% (Preference No. 1) Would like to consult Sports statistics from their mobile devices and finally 43% Would like to be able to interact with their favorite bands or artists at Metaversea number that is increasing among millennials (57%).

*The countries surveyed, in addition to France, are Germany, Australia, Brazil, China, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, the United States, Italy, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

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