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Global Impact Summit 2022: meet in Bordeaux to find solutions together for the planet

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On November 30 and December 1, 2022, the Global Impact Summit, the international summit for solutions for the planet, returns for the fifth face-to-face edition at the Palais des Congrès in Bordeaux. Curated by Bertrand Piccard, this new edition puts influence at the heart of debate, speeches, workshops, and current solutions and will introduce a reading grid to the program built around 3 concepts: understand, measure, and act.

The red thread for the 2022 edition: How do you innovate differently? Technological innovation is often controversial and needs to be challenged. How do you think, integrate and combine sobriety with technological progress? Technological innovation or use innovation, how can we direct our models to build a sustainable future?

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Catalyst to find solutions for the planet

This new edition of the global event will bring together 10,000 impact-economics professionals in Bordeaux who are involved in the ecological and energy transition of our lands, our business and our society: change-makers, international leaders, investors, large groups, foundations, start-ups, associations, solution providers … This fifth edition will highlight the most concrete solutions and innovation to address key global challenges around key themes: energy, circular economy, waste management, construction, sustainable development, protection of natural environments and our environment, transportation, transportation, agriculture, food, and responsible digital technology.

More than 200 famous speakers, experts and key witnesses

300+ innovations

10,000 influencer economy professionals, face-to-face and digital

Participation of more than 40 countries and sessions translated simultaneously into French and English (depending on the language of the speakers).

25 foreign delegations

3000 BtoB meeting

The Global Impact Summit, geared primarily towards a professional audience, will present a keynote concert for the planet open to the public on Wednesday evening, November 30. A free musical evening on the topic of commitment to preserving our planet and our ecosystems.

A red thread in 2022: How do we innovate differently?

Since May 5, France has been living on credit. The day of transcendence was reached in France, reminding us that if the whole world consumed like the French, it would take 2.9 planets to satisfy all our needs. Une donnée symbolique qui permet de nous rappeler qu’il est urgent de transformer en profondeur our modèles, 50 ans apres la parution du rapport meadows et l’alerte qu’il lançait sur les conséquences d’une croissance basee sur une infinie exploitation de nos Natural Resources. To do this, let’s invent differently. but how ? The WIS team wishes to enhance the interdependence between the challenges facing all actors and sectors of activity, to reintegrate and question the idea of ​​progress in the concept of innovation to create a desirable and desirable future for our societies. ” Sometimes technological innovation is controversial and may be called into question when it does not contribute to the goal of progress beyond technical prowess. This edition raises the question of how to think, integrate and combine sobriety with technological advancement? Between technological innovation and user innovation, let us explore the levers that make our models pivot and build a sustainable future. ! says Nicholas Pereira, founder and president of the Global Impact Summit.

Two days dedicated to influencing professionals to accelerate change

At the center of the action:

A program of plenary sessions, contrast discussions, technical workshops, classes, inspirational presentations and product demos.

The Exhibitor Village hosts more than 300 innovations. Companies, startups, SMEs, large groups, associations and NGOs will present their solutions, among which demonstrations will be given to the participants

An open stage with 30-minute discussions within the village on topics not covered in the “official” programme. Its aim is to provide ways to think about topics that will be explored in future editions.

café-rencontres: Informal discussion groups dedicated to the areas of work of local or national groups, networks, and associations

WIS Invest: A meeting between financiers and carriers of impactful projects. In 2021, more than 100 project leaders who have made a positive impact responding to regional issues met with more than 30 funders. During previous versions of WIS, several partnerships were established between local ecosystems specializing in positive entrepreneurship (Le Campement, La Ruche, ATIS and Bordeaux Technowest).

Pre-qualified professional meetings thanks to the BtoB digital platform

A reading network will be proposed for the program from three angles: comprehension – measurement – action

Understanding: Knowledge of climate change challenges, scientific facts and future impacts on its value chains in the short, medium and long term

Measurement: Accurately account for the negative externalities of their activities to see where to prioritize their efforts

Action: Promote the implementation of new solutions adapted to the challenges of transformation

Unveiling of the IFOP/WIS 2022 Barometer

For the second year in a row, Nicholas Pereira will reveal at a press conference the results of the IFOP / WIS 2022 survey on two topics: employees and environmental protection within the company; and French Finance and Environmental Responsibility (what are the priority topics for responsible investors? What is the place of environmental influence in investment decisions? …).

Registration and information for a WIS event Link

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