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Two REC teams, Quimper took home the podium in the Women’s Elite

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This weekend, the REC finally made it home against Avignon (3-1) in Ligue 2 and Quimper continued her impressive run in the women’s elite. Back to all our Breton club volleyball results.

REC wins at home in Pro B

Facing Avignon on Saturday night, Récistes managed to get their first home win of the season (3-1). The match started in the best possible way for the Bretilliens who quickly won the first round with a score of 20/25. They still dominated the second set, then fought back against a comeback by Vauclusiens (25/23) to make a serious choice to win.

However, the visitors got up in the third set (20/25) while Quentin Marion’s men made several extraordinary mistakes. Hopes were reborn even on the Avignon side and the fourth round promised to be contested. And despite the pressure exerted by the players of the opposing team, the Ren managed to bend the match without difficulty (26/28). Thanks to this success, Philippe Tuitoga and his partners rose to sixth place in the French League before receiving Ajaccio (seventh) next Saturday.

Sison St Brieuc continues in Elite

For its part, the Costa Rican club maintained three successful ranks in the elite before facing El Cuadri. And even if the Briochins gave a half-hearted performance, that didn’t stop them from winning in the suspense finale (3-2). With this new success, Sison St-Brieuc has taken the podium and is just one point clear of the leader Conflan-Andreze-Joy. Alexis Fillon’s team mates will also take on Evelinoy the next day.

CPB Rennes in the hard in National 2

On the move this weekend, Saint-Renan Iroise was curtly corrected by Brive (3-0). Helpless, the Finisterians could not compete with one of the best teams in the National 2 Championship. And even if the Bretons never gave up, the gap between the two teams was too great. Thus, the Rennais fell to 8th place, in the poor position of the ranking.

Rennes was also beaten this Sunday in Bordeaux (1-3). The meeting had started well for Breitlin who won the first round after a nice fight (27/29). But the Girondins raised their game to quickly dominate partners Nicolas Combets (17/25; 13/25; 19/25). With five defeats in six matches, nothing is going well for the Rennes side, who are bottom of the championship.

Fortunately, Kloar-Aven VB 29 saved the honor by easily eliminating the up-and-coming Floriacumois (3-0). Before the match, Kluharsen made their experience speak for themselves by not leaving their opponents the slightest chance. Thus, they climb to fourth place in the N2 and will travel to Maine-et-Loire to face Sporting Club de l’Ouest (6) the next day.

Quimper and REC won in the Women’s Elite category

Among the women, Quimper Volley 29 perfectly negotiated the reception of Purdue (3-1), a direct contender in the elite. However, it was the visitors who proved most adept by winning the first round (22/25). But then the Finestren banded together to reverse course in front of the inflamed audience. With their fifth success in seven matches, the François-Xavier Garnon girls finished second in the tournament.

The Federal Institute played REC’s women’s team with ease. A logical victory after all as the IFVB residents haven’t scored a set since the start of the season. And the Bretonians were no exception to the rule, winning 3-0. Rennes is back in the middle of the standings, level on points with Bordeaux.

Quimper Reserve does the job at National 2

In the N2, Quimper Volley’s reserve had a great fielding of ASPTT Caen (1-3). The Leo Bonin girls in the first group (21/25) dominated the lead by winning brilliantly in the next round (15/25). Then they continued on the same path to win three new championship points. Finally, the REC Reserve saw a different scenario during the Conflans-Andrésy-Jouy reception. At the end of a very balanced match, Ren finally lost in the deciding set (15/4).

All results from the weekend:

REC – Avignon: 3-1 (25/20; 25/23; 20/25; 28/26)

Sisson St Brieuc – Corduroy: 3-2 (25/14; 16/25; 18/25; 25/21; 15/13)

  • National 2 men:

CA Brave Curries – San Renan Aeroise : 3–0 (25/14; 25/20; 25/17)
CPB Ren 35 – JSA Bordeaux: 1–3 (29/27; 17/25; 13/25; 19/25)
Kloar-Aven VB 29 – Fluorescent: 3-0 (25/14; 25/19; 25/18)

  • National 3 men:

Sisson St Brieuc – Volleyball Paris: 0-3 (23/25; 23/25; 16/25)
3. Registration – PUC 3: 1–3 (25/23; 23/25; 22/25; 25/27)
Sison Chanteby Fern – St. Cloud Paris: 3-1 (25/15; 15/25; 25/19; 25/17)
ESP Bibriac CantonOrgerblon : 3-2 (25/22; 18/25; 25/22; 24/26; 15/9)

29 – SKU Bordeaux: 3-1 (22/25; 25/21; 25/12; 25/22)
Federal Institute – REC : 0–3 (18/25; 8/25; 17/25)

  • National 2 for women:

ASPTT Caen – Quimper Volleyball 29 2 : 1–3 (25/21; 15/25; 21/25; 17/25)
Registration 2 – Conflict Andreas Joy: 2-3 (23/25; 26/24; 25/20; 19/25; 4/15)

  • National 3 for women:

La Rochelle – CPB Ren 35 : 3-2 (22/25; 25/14; 17/25; 25/20; 15/3)
56- Volleyball valves – Sporting Club de l’Ouest: 0-3 (17/25; 19/25; 15/25)
Montgermont – Amical Sport Landis: 3-0 (25/19; 25/19; 25/17)
Saint Laurent Star Metropolis Brest – Novell: 0-3 (20/25; 24/26; 21/25)

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