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The Breton team in pain defeated Béziers (16-10) and recorded its seventh victory of the season

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On Friday evening, RC Fani hosted AS Beziers in Laraben during the 11th day of the Pro D2. Without sparkling, Morbihanni nevertheless managed to pull off a huge hit at the end of the match. (10-16).

After a two-week break, Jean-Noel Spitzer’s men are back on the field to start Group Three. They were faced by AS Béziers, a team that has been struggling since the start of the season (13th in Pro D2) and has been on a three-game losing streak. For its part, RC Vannes beat Nevers (18-12) in their last game and were off the league podium. So all the lights were green before the meeting and yet the British did not shy away from falling into Herault’s trap.

Disappointing first act

After just four minutes of play RC Vannes thought they had struck a punch by scoring their first try under the guidance of Hugo Zabalza. However, this was overturned by the referee after being fouled by Léon Boullier at the start of the procedure. Then Béziers scored the first points of the meeting with a penalty kick (0-3, 5).

Then the locals pushed to take the lead and Yuen Flush didn’t shy away from scoring his first try among the professionals. As for them, Héraultais were dangerous in the quick game and also scored a try which was later denied. Thanks to two penalties from Maxime Lafage, Vannetais was nevertheless in the lead on his return to the locker room (6-3 at the break).

RC Vannes snatches victory at the end of the match

Undisciplined in defense, Morbihani conceded a large number of penalties, but fortunately the guests were not so punctual. Conversely, Maxime Lafage was still surgically in front of the supports and widened the gap (9-3, 55). But after the hour mark, Biterrois took the lead against all odds thanks to Watisoni Votu (9-10).

Then the pressure mounted in Rabin’s bays while Francisco Goresin and his associates had not yet ducked into their dugout. Despite the inaccuracy, RC Fanny managed to turn the situation around by scoring a try in the final minutes of the match (16-10, 73). Then the opposing players tried everything to regain the advantage, although success was not on their side. The final score was 16-10 in favor of the Bretonians, who succeeded in pain and at the end of the suspense.

Morbihannais returns to the platform

Even if it is clear that the content of the match will be reviewed, RC Vannes has just won four important points in the race for the first places in Pro D2. Indeed, with this victory, Patrick Leyva’s partners once again climb the championship podium and can continue to dream of promotion. They will move to Montauban (11) next Friday, hoping for a third success in a row.

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