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Landerneau achieved his first success, reassuring Quimper and the URB stall, Vitré and Lorient

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The fortunes of the Brighton basketball clubs were mixed this weekend. If it’s women, Landerneau beat Charleville-Mézières (74-67), and Coimbre and BU West Brazil lost respectively against Aix Maurienne (73-77) and Toulouse (74-82).

Landerneau’s first victory in the LFB

In difficulty since the start of the season, Landerneau has not been able to win so far. In Saturday night’s encounter in Charleville-Mézières, the Briezes girls found their way to success while having a very balanced start to the match. Arden even led with a short header at the break (35-38). But thanks to an excellent Jaisa Nunn, the Bretons made the difference in the third quarter.

For their part, the visitors were unable to adjust the sights in the attack, which ultimately cost them dearly. Thus, Finestrine won (74-67) and thus regained some confidence by climbing to the 10th place in the LFB. However, the season promises to be difficult for Landerno, who, as we remember, held only last year.

Quimper’s second defeat in Pro B.

UJAP Quimper maintains a three-game winning streak before hosting Aix-Maurienne on Friday. Unfortunately, not all went to plan for the Rams as they fell into the trap of the Savoyards who were in 17th place before the game. However, Morbihannais took the meeting from right end and were particularly adept at shooting (24-11, 10). However, the visitors managed to regain contact with the Bretons who had been finding it difficult to bounce back.

At the start of the final quarter, Quentin Royle’s teammates were still racing for the lead, but no decision was made (57-55, 30). The fortunes turned in favor of Aixois (73-77), much to the dismay of the crowd in the Michel Gloaguen Hall. Thus, the Cimberua concede their second league defeat since the start of the season and drop to fifth place in Pro B. They will travel to Vichy-Clermont (seventh) the next day to face a direct competitor and win important points.

URB kiosks at NM1

He was impressive at the start of the season, facing Renes Toulouse, which also had a good start to the championship. The game quickly fell into a false rhythm and neither team could really get away until halftime (33-34). Upon returning from the locker room, the visitors raised their game by lining up the baskets one by one. The Bretilliens then failed to stop the opposition’s attempts and the gap on the scoreboard widened.

Despite the reaction of Sebastian Cape (14 points and 10 assists) and his partners at the end of the game, URB lost with a score of 74-82. A painful defeat that put an end to the eight-consecutive winning streak of Pascal Thibaud’s men. Rennes still leads the first national championship before moving to Tours (9) on November 23.

Aurore Vitré smiles again

The Green Division remained on a three-game losing streak before Poitiers challenged. And the meeting began in the best possible way for Vetran, who led with a short lead at the end of the first quarter (22-20, 10). And always with the same accuracy, the British widened the gap before the end of the first half by dominating their opponents on all fields of play (44-28). Then they were able to advance by playing an offensive game, which Louis Brulhak organized wonderfully (19 points, 12 assists and 5 rebounds).

Even if the Poitivins for their part found the attack to continue, the difference was too great. Aurore Vitré finally won 94-68 after completely dominating the game from the first minute to the last minute. A success that allows the Bretilliens to take a breath of fresh air by returning to sixth place in the championship, before playing against Pôle-France (fourteenth).

The series continues for CEP Lorient

The Morbihannais have been living new life in the league for several weeks and that observation was confirmed on Saturday night against Berck (77-61). Cépistes dominated a bit early in the game, then hit a very high level in the second quarter (44-29, 20) to take the lead.

And while the visitors put up some resistance, Philippe McCourant’s men made one last push late in the game to seal their victory. With this third success in a row, Lorient continues her climb in the NM1 and is now eighth.

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